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What's Your "One Thing" for 2012?

Happy New Year!  Time to reflect on the past year... all of our blessings, our joys, our challenges, our growth... and to look ahead to a new year and wonder what it will hold. In 2012, instead of the traditional New Year's resolution, we at Cherokee USA are asking you to share the "One Thing" that will matter most to you for the year.
What’s the "One Thing" that will make you feel good once you’ve accomplished it this year? Write it down – big and bold – and take a picture of it. Then post the photo to the Cherokee USA Facebook page between January 1-15, 2012. Use your imagination! You can write it on a chalkboard, hold up a sign or spray paint it in the snow. You can include yourself in the photo, your family or an item that helps illustrate your “One Thing.”
The Cherokee USA community is excited to support you and what makes you feel good in 2012. We’ll kick things off on January 1st with real life Cherokee employees sharing their own “One Thing.” We can't wait to see what's most important to you for 2012.

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