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I'm a genius.

by Jen

It's the little things. I am so proud of myself because I ordered all the kids' school supplies ONLINE from one of those huge office supply stores. Got exactly what I wanted, everything was still in-stock and they delivered it to our house the next day, free. Also, I got two bottles of complimentary glue. (That's a $1.50 value, folks!)

When it arrived I felt even more like a genius. It was boxes and boxes of stuff and so heavy. You know how detailed those lists get, right... especially now that the boys are in fourth grade...

Now we just have to get our Cozi calendar in shape. (Don't forget to enter our Facebook contest!) Now that the kids are back in school (I hope yours are too by now!) it's a great time to get even more organized.

So, what are you most proud of pulling off this back-to-school season?


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