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Pizza Farm

by Joe

Lest you’ve pegged us for completely overscheduled hyper-parents based on Jen’s last entry… do know that we have managed to keep most of our summer evenings free this year (sports are on hiatus until fall). Free evenings feel like a gift after the slightly homework-intensive school year we just finished. (Maybe it’s just me, but my memories of 3rd grade homework mostly involve gluing macaroni to milk cartons. Now they’re supposed to make daily “inferences” from their assigned reading…wha?)

One of the benefits of these “free” evenings has been the ability to be spontaneous…which is not one of our strong suits during the school year. So when a food writer friend calls and says, “hey, you want to join us for a trip to a pizza farm this afternoon?” We get to say, “Absolutely!” followed by, “what’s a pizza farm?”

A pizza farm, as it turns out, is exactly what it sounds like…a farm with two wood-burning pizza ovens, and literally farm-fresh ingredients. As you might imagine, the pizza was smoky and dense and wonderful, if a bit on the spendy side. (Apparently farm-fresh ingredients aren’t cheap…even on a farm.) The kids got to run for great distances, see how rainbow chard grows, and get a little too close to sharp, rusty farm implements — which should be part of any farm outing for sheltered city kids. Mavis, the three year old, was especially enamored with the composting outhouse which used bran to absorb odors. (A “hippie toilet” she called it. How did she know?)

The three-hour round trip was worth it, even though it necessitated a nighttime arrival back home, followed by the requisite carry-inside and the old “just-let-them-sleep-in-their-clothes.”

So…how do you balance boredom-prevention with the need to maintain some open, free time for your family? What’s the best spontaneous outing you’ve taken lately?

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